Use of scripts

All window schedules can use scripts for automated trading.

1. Connect scripts.

The script is connected to the window by dragging and dropping.

2. Enable trading

The button “Allow trading” allows you to test the script without performing real rates. The test bets are displayed only in the script execution logĀ and has a light bulb icon.

It is important to test the script before using real bets!

In the allowed trade, the real bet has a lightning bolt, it is displayed in the schedule window and in the script execution log.

3. Editing script parameters.

You can edit script parameters only if the script is not running. To edit the parameters, select the script and click the edit button. After making changes, click save.

Script parameters are saved to the XML file

4. Start and stop

To start the script, click the start button.

Near the name of the script there is an indicator of work. Green the script is working

The results of the script are saved to a file.