Getting started with historical data

Create database

To work with historical data, you need to click the “Сreate database” button (1).


If the database is created successfully, its icon and three categories of historical data will be displayed (1)


Get the packages you have purchased (or free packages)

For getting a list of purchased packages clicking on the button (1) in this case, the list will be received and it will be displayed in the window.


Returns a list of files based on a filter

To work with a data package, you need to open the package window for the selected package by double clicking on it.

The next step is to limit the amount of data – get only the market files of interest.

The list of markets will be requested taking into account the set filter. Installing a filter is mandatory in order not to receive unnecessary data.

Press the button – get a list of files.

As a result, the list is grouped by dates (1), events (2), markets (3).


The icons mean that the market has not been processed (1) and not saved (2).


Downloading files

To get the files, click the “Files” button, this will execute:

⇒ downloaded file (1);

⇒ saved to file system (2);

⇒ the name of the event and the market (3) was decoded and saved in the database.