Chart Interface

Trading Chart

Starting from version 5.39 a new trading window “Trading Chart” has been added to the program. The trading window combines such objects as Chart (1) and Ladder (2), and also has standard elements: Live score (3), Bets panel (4).

1. Controls

1.1. Chart Interval

Possible values: 1 second, 5, 15, 30 seconds, 1 minute.

Between the horizontal lines is five specified intervals.

In the presented image, a single element has a duration of one second.

Chart Interval 30 seconds

1.2 The time scale of the Chart

Using the zoom buttons, you can change the displayed graph duration. The zoom buttons work both when pressed once and when held down. Zooming is also done by scrolling the mouse wheel.

1.3 Value display

If you turn on the display of values, then when you move the cursor on the chart, price values (1) and the amount of money for the selected time interval are displayed.

1.4 Auto Indent

Enabled by default. The graph always shows the latest price value.

Disabling auto-indentation allows you to scroll through the chart and see historical price values.

1.5 Auto scroll

Auto scroll provides automatic price alignment in the Ladder

1.6 The scale of the values

The control of the scale of values allows you to adjust the price ratio of the stairs and the schedule.

By default, the display mode is One-to-One, in which the price scale of the Chart and Ladder are synchronized without scaling. Zooming is done only for the Chart relative to the current values of the Ladder.

In the Two to One mode, the  Chart is reduced to display in two times the volume

The third mode (Full Chart Size) displays all possible prices from 1.01 to 1000

Fourth mode – Random scale.

If you remove the selection from the buttons, then you can freely change the visible price range. Change is made by dragging the price scale with the mouse.

2. Bets

Creating, changing bets is possible on the Chart and on the Ladder

2.1 Create a bet

You can create a bet on the Chart using the right mouse button. When you click the mouse (1), a menu is displayed where, according to the chart’s  price . It is proposed to create BACK or LAY bet and the current price is displayed (2).

Create a bet BACK. The current bet is created on the bet panel (1) and displayed on the chart as a horizontal dashed line (2).

The unmatched bet (1) is displayed as a solid line on the chart (2) and on the stairs (3).